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Book mockup shows Mr. Tabb book, not published yet.


Author and Illustrator

Maria Luisa Di Gravio 


4 - 8 years




22 x 31 cm


In a world of extroverts, what is the place of a grumpy introvert?

Mr. Tabb is an ironic and irreverent book about finding somewhere to belong. 

A grouchy hermit crab is fed up with his neighbors and keeps moving away until he ends up moving to the Mariana Trench.

What will happen over there?

Are you interested in publishing this book?
Click below to access the full manuscript and storyboard

Dreamy illustration shows a hermit crab under the sea sipping tea next to several books, a Mary Poppins bag, and a lampshade.
Character design shows a hermit crab wearing a Santa Claus hat. The flowing sand resembles snow. Christmas mood.
Colourful children's illustration shows a hermit crab under the sea surrounded by sea animals.
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